What are CallPointers™ ?

A CallPointer is a stand alone Virtual phone number (Local or Toll-Free phone number) that can be pointed/ directed to any existing phone. CallPointers are virtual phone numbers that can be pointed to any phone number or voice activated speech application.

How does a CallPointer™ work?

When you set-up a CallPointer you decide where your virtual phone number rings. You control where your calls go via our web interface. Get local or toll-free virtual numbers to place in classified ads, or anywhere you may not want to publish your private phone numbers. We do the dialing for you—it’ll ring the phone you’re currently using and connect you to the caller.

Can I get multiple local numbers from different parts of the country, even if I don’t have offices there?

Yes. You can order as many numbers with as many local area codes that we have available.

Why get a local number as opposed to a toll-free number?

That’s up to you. Some customers use a local number because they want to appear local to potential customers, who will have the convenience of making a local call to reach you. For example, a real estate agent who lives and operates in a Los Angeles suburb with a 626 area code may want to advertise a Los Angeles phone number with a 310 area code if she wants to do business there. With a CallPointer, she can forward calls to her cell phone, home phone or any existing phone with just a single phone number.

How can I order my local number and when can I start using it?

During the sign-up process, we will ask you whether you want a local or toll free number. Once you complete the process, you can start using your new number right away. Every CallPointer subscriber can order additional numbers from multiple locations, all of which will be synchronized with their account. 

How do I know how many minutes I have available?

It’s easy for subscribers to manage their account, and their money. The simplest way is for them to log into their account and look in the Account Status. CallPointers has an Easy Purchase Option feature that will automatically add funds to their account.