How It Works


if you really look at it, step by step, there are 14 actions that take you through the flow of how it works.


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The Contest Manager


You set up your contest

you can do it in minutes...we'll show you how.


Advertise your contest

on radio, outdoor, point of purchase, as a live event ...our system fits all


Callers dial 1-800-555-5555

it's the world's easiest number to remember and dial



Callers say a "callword" or phrase

our system is state of the art, and speech-activated. they can call from anywhere-with no buttons to press-ever!


Callers hear the voice of your host or spokesperson

you choose the friendly voice to greet the caller; provides continuity between the caller, the contest, and your brand


Callers requests & receives a text, with link

system reads the inbound number and sends instant text to mobile phones; for radio contests - system also counts callers so there's no need for a call center - ever!


Callers click on link, landing page opens

it's your "Landing Page", built your way in minutes - with your header, banners, graphics, colors, and content.

Callers find out if they won the contest

system touts winning message routed to winner(s), different message to those who did not win



Callers received special offers

from advertisers


Landing Page can list up to 8 offers caller scrolls down to see them


Callers click on advertiser offers - you earn revenue

Advertisers pay nothing up front. They bid for position. When a caller clicks, they get business and you earn new revenue!


Callers are invited to "opt in" for

secret contests

They already opted in once to get the text and other values - many will opt in again for more chances to win. You build loyalty and a larger opt-in mobile database.


You text or email broadcast further promotions to tens of thousands of callers who responded to the contests

They all opted in for additional promotions. Here's a great way to keep on making more money. Our rebroadasting system is economical and easy to use


You receive reports with summarized and detailed data


You learn about the callers - demographic, geocentric, and other reports are at your fingertips.

You run more contests

Your callers are happy. You expended very few resources. You built loyalty, received data, added to your opt-in list, and even generated incremental revenue. What to do next? Make contests a bigger part of your marketing mix, of course!

Voice Internet Inc

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