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The Contest Manager


Introducing The Contest Manager

Contests are important because they help you engage and build your audience with relative ease. Finally, here's a turnkey system to make your contest promotions much easier and a lot more profitable. Read on to find out about a better way to contest.


State-of-the-Art Contest Management

Turnkey platform make producing contests easier than ever

Our state of the art platform specifically designed for contests. It's fully automated, easy to deploy, and designed to build revenues. It allows you to leverage contests more effectively and way more efficiently.

Use it to induce a larger audience to view or listen to your content.

Build better audience loyalty. Save manpower and costs. Be provided with real time data for valuable market research and accumulate an

opt-in list of mobile addresses to digitally promote future events.


Check out our Voice Portal. Your audience simply dials 1-800-555-5555

Its easy to remember ...in fact it’s the easiest toll free number on the planet to remember and dial...even while driving. Then your caller speaks your CallWord (keyword), and reaches a voice activated platform to get an audio announcement

and  a text to find out if they are a winner. Getting your callers to remember your dial in numbers is a big deal...if you want big results. The inability of your  listeners and viewers to remember phone number is no longer a problem

Get a bigger response from your contests

Automation tools to

save you time & money

You save on staffing, and no need for a call center.

You just spend a few minutes setting it up and you’re done. The Contest Manager does the rest. Our system counts your callers, identifies the winner(s), delivers the win/no win messages, routes the callers, even identifies the phone number of the caller to sends them a text back with more personalized offers!

You get real-time statistics for analysis

The system compiles not just date and time, but geographic origination, all in real time. Reports are delivered in graphic format, exportable to Excel or CSV. Your marketing research team will love you.

Collect valuable data

Callers click on offers, advertisers get business and you get paid

The landing page you can create so easily through our system contains the offers. Advertisers can bid on position, and exposure is free. They are only charged only when a caller clicks on their offer. The amount they are charged never exceed their maximum bids.

You'll earn on every click – it’s a new revenue stream for you

that works 24/7.

Generate non-traditional revenue

Callers are happy to give you permission to win prizes
Both winners and losers called in to win. And that means that you have callers looking to win something. But even if they didn't win, they always are looking for another chance to win again. They may also be interested in relevent offers of interest from local merchants and your advertisers.
We provide an user controlled opt-in notification system that lets them control thier promotional messages. They stay happy and so do you.

Build an opt-in text and email database

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