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The Contest Manager

Q.  Is this just for radio stations or can anyone use this?


Q.  Do you set up the contests and the prizes?


Q.  What is a LATA?


Q.  How much does it cost?


Q.  Do I have to pay for the 800 calls?


Q.  Can I use my own toll free number?


Q.  Do you have other contest winner formats other than winning call number.


Q.  Do you have any text based contests?


Q.  Do you handel all the regulatory issues?


Q.  Can you set my contest up mor me?


Q.  If I reserve a CllWOrds like free tickets, where will it work and hpw long can I keep it.


Q.  Can I reserve a CallWord in my are for a range of dates in the future?


Q.  How do I deal with the winners, can you connecty them to our office.


Q.  Do we need to pay for both calls and texts?






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