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We're a voice activated marketing & communications company who supports the specific needs of the media industry and for companies that advertise.


Enhanced communications platform.


We have wholesale contracts in place many other large phone companies. Then we add all of our call enhancement technology and provide you with least cost routing services to assure that you get the best prices for your calls.


We also provide a full variety of enhanced toll free services coupled with a speech activated platform that provide unique solutions for the needs of the promotion, advertising and media industries.


We have our own in-house programming and engineering team who wrote all of our phone switch software from scratch and who maintains all of our own source code and host all of our own equipment in a state of the art data center. That means that we have the ability to adapt our technologies to the specific needs of our customers. Try and ask your current phone company to do that.


We even won Microsoft's prestigious "most innovative solution" award.


Enhanced Marketing Platform


We've also built an advanced performance based advertising and marketing platform that provides pay per click, pay per call and pay per acquisition transactions.  So our advertisers and customers can enjoy risk free marketing activities. We never charge for results until we deliver results.


Our past Customers include, Telepacific Communications where we provided call automation services that routed all customer care calls, Premiere Radio Networks where we provided the underlying technology to power a pay-per-call based Financial Recovery Hotline that provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of non traditional revenues to them, Bill Handel with a call in legal referral service and and the Tribune Newspaper Group that used our technology to turn unsold space in their newspapers to revenue generating pay per call programs.





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